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Löwchen O-Wurf 9,5 Wochen alt

Hochladen auf 2014/04/09.

Dog Breeding and they get stuck Japanese chin and Chihuahua breeding

gold lion aladdin little mermaid in the jungle lion king 3 tiger lion man lion reunion christian lion hug pedro the lion kid cudi christian lion iron lion zi…

Chow chow Desna by the sea

A nice walk by the sea with our chow-chow. Music: Song of the seas by Vangelis.

Adoptable Bloodhound Fergie Meets Her Foster Family for the First Time

This incredibly social, and ever so sweet, bloodhound (Fergie) lost her home through no fault of her own. She came into the care of Ontario Bloodhound Rescue…

Basset Hound Ears are Funny!

My Basset Hound Erasmus has awesome ears! I use them to wipe his eyes and play peek-a-boo with him. Sometimes I tuck his ears in his collar to keep the out o…

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

A versatile hunting dog and great companion with a sense of humor, the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon can point and retrieve on land or in the water. This dog b…

Star the Tibetan Terrier (Daddys Home !!)

Star the Tibetan Terrier(10 months old) saying Hello to Daddy when he comes home from work. !!!!

Siriellas – Tibetan Spaniel – New toys

Siriellas Kennel. Ella playing with her new toys.


Ki ne ismerné a szólást: “a Puli nem kutya, az Puli!”. Világszerte talán a legismertebb és legsokoldalúbb magyar terelő pásztorkutya. Sajátos, földig érő zsi…

Pharaoh Hound Mix

Tug of War Pharaoh Hound Mix.