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Crazy Dog Running and Barking

He’s so ecstatic!

A Curious Squirrel and a Busy Boston Terrier

The song used in this video is entitled, “It’s Raining Chihuahuas.” It is my own composition and I played all instruments in it. It features an interesting a…

Redwood Belgian Tervuren Agility Trial

Novice Jumpers w/ Weaves 6/12/11.

Wire Haired Vizsla puppy Max playing with my Border terrier and Maine Coon cat.

Max is now about 9 weeks and in his stride at home. Happy, cheeky, confident without being being too much (most of the time!)

Shih Tzu dog Lacey goes outside and plays inside

A small look into Lacey’s day. She loves to hang around outside and then always plays inside afterwards. Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and subscr…

Smart Papillon

The Dolce!

Keeshond Dog IQ test  Pt.1  Action 1

犬のIQ テストは6部構成で出来ています・・ なぜいつもこうなるのか・・・ 遊び方は下記のブログエントリーでご確認下さい。 How to play Dog IQ test, please click below.

afghan hound – Calamus Show Me Heaven – CACIB Szczecin’09

Calamus Show Me Heaven afghan hound chart afgański.

Cute Dog Suggestively Eats Bone!

I have a bone to pick with you. Get it!? is where the jokes are, folks. Tweet me. Follow me.

Best funny and cute dog, cat & hedgehog videos compilation 2014

The best funny and cute cat,dogs and hedgehog videos compilation! Thank You For Watching Hope you like our compilation, please share it and click on the following link to SUBSCRIBE!