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Jack Russell Terrier Facts

See MORE BREEDS here! Jack Russell terriers were once excellent fox hunting dogs, but they are best known today to be some of the most energetic, happy, and smart companions!…

chasse aux sangliers avec Teckel poli dur et petit basset griffon vendéen


Donkey vs. Borzoi

Harley the donkey having some nighttime fun and racing against Malakai the borzoi.

Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) Seizure

Frightening to watch, especially when seen for the first time in your own pet. This type of seizure in our Yorkie is caused when his blood sugar drops too lo…

WDS 2014 Chinese Crested Male Open Class


Bath Time for Minnie the Pug

Minnie the Pug needs a bath and Max is already in the tub. Watch as she tries to avoid the inevitable. The chase is on!

Belgian Tervuren Tyr Vind markering

Belgian Tervuren Tyr Vind markering.

Gargoyles Kennel French Bulldog

French Bulldog Puppy.

Loveable Bloodhound: Mastiff “Lucy”

Two year old Bloodhound: Mastiff Mix “Lucy” has been in her new home for about six months. She pulls on walks and wants to meet every dog she sees. Oh and Lu…

Show Dog – Basset Hound – Multi BIS BISS Lake Park Thor Manchester KC set 2011 720p

Show Dog -