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Dog Loves A Bath

Cute dog takes a bath and loves every minute of it. And he kind of looks like a polar bear. http…

Cute Dog PetSmart Haul – Halloween Edition!

Check out the Halloween costumes and other products we recently bought at PetSmart! Make sure to subscribe to watch more of Charlie’s videos!

justin bieber lover dog

ugly dog and his master, freak, winner loser, justin beaber.

Funny “Beagley” Things! Why You Should Get A Beagle Dog.

Just some random moments me and Louie the Beagle are having on a daily basis :-). This cute dog is just so funny. …

Dog spotting strange man in our house! FUNNY

This statue has been in our house since the day we got our dog but today he spotted the statue hidden amoung some house plants. He was going crazy…I though…

Boy, Lab, and Penny, belgian tervuren, Play at wantage

snow play between a dog named Boy and Belgian Terv named penny.

Have You Ever Seen An English Bulldog Perform Off Leash Obedience Like This? Dog Training Virginia

0569 Want Nick and Off Leash K9 Training to Come To You and Train Your Dog?www….

Playtime for Murphy and Henry

Our Basset hound Murphy and our Sussex Spaniel Henry playing on the bed.

Scottish Deerhounds at Sugarbush KC 2010 PART 1

Sugarbush Kennel Club Show held at the Cleveland Metroparks Polo Field, Chagrin Ohio USA Judging was Mr. Richard G. Beauchamp of Cambria, CA.

Mini bull terrier pup going mad

making dog noises to my new pup while he goes mad! my otha dog still dont know wa to make of him.