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Mr. Pickles The Singing Basset Hound

Mr. pickles singing.

DOGS 101 – Shar Pei [ITA]

Lo Shar Pei è una razza canina nata in Cina, dove, molto lentamente, si è evoluta fino ad arrivare all’aspetto odierno. La razza è famosa per il suo particol…

belgian tervuren


My Crazy Dog Sneezing

Whenever Lola sneezes, she makes us all laugh so hard! This lasts 30 seconds but sometimes it goes on longer!

Smart Cute Labrador Dog winning his prize (Nice trick to teach to your dog)

The Old game: One player (me) hides a prize in his hands and the other player (my super-smart-cute dog Traste) chooses one. If he chooses well, he gets the p…

Cute Dog Movie – Dog Steals Snow Sled Away From Boy

0440 &

Owner Turns Blind Eye to Dog’s Ugly Appearance, Opens Heart – South

PTL!!! This LORD willing is the proper video. Showing the length GOD goes to save us, as this owner SAVED Lucky:)))

Ultimate Funny Guilty Dog Video Compilation 2014 [HD]

Leave a like and a comment for more videos! Feel free to share the video with friends as well Like us on Facebook – Funny G. COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER Under Se…

Boston Terrier lays in a pile of Treats

Oscar the Boston Terrier laying in a pile of Milk Bone dog treats. I did this for a photoshoot and people didn’t believe it was real and that the picture was…

Happy Grinning Borzoi

My Borzoi, FC Silkenswift Rider of the Storm, SC, FCH, GRC, SORC, doing his grinning dance.